Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I'm so excited! I've been tagged by Bernie at Craftybe.

4 Jobs I've had: ice cream sales at local mall, medical receptionist, library services and Planner.

4 Movies I've seen: Georgia Rule, Monster-in-Law, Premonition and Miss Congeniality.

4 Places I've been: Sardinia & Florence (Italy), Bedford, London & Manchester (England), Greece and Orlando (Florida - USA).

4 Places I've lived: Sarnia, Toronto, Bolton and Etobicoke (Canada).

4 TV Programs I watch: Bones, House, Frasier (reruns) & Grey's Anatomy.

4 Radioshows: Fox FM, CKSY, CHUM FM - only 3 that I can remember!

4 Favourite Foods: Chips - all varieties, Chocloate covered almonds, Pasta and Pastries with Cream - you know all the stuff with no calories - LOL.

4 Places I'd Rather Be: with my daughters, with my husband, in Florence and on vacation.

4 Things I Hate Doing: Cleaning, Paying Bills, Exercise and Waking up Early. All of which I do anyway except for the exercising which I never seen to have time for - LOL.

4 Next Tagged Crafters: Kim, Marlene, Mish and Leonie

Participation is only for fun. Take care and Happy Crafting!

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Belas Creating Place said...

Hi Maria: I am from Oshawa, Ontario. Glad to see another Ontario blogger here. My name is Bela. Come by and say hello on my blog sometime.
Ta ta for now, Bela