Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I've been MIA and I guess a bad blogger lately. Aside from being busy with regular life, I've been very worried about a family member who has undergone surgery. Things are slowly getting better now but all my worrying has sucked out my creative MOJO - temporarily I hope.

Really hoping to be crafting this weekend or sometime next week as my stamps, ink, paper and embellies are all waiting on my diningroom table for my MOJO to return. Hope you won't forget about me and I appreciate your patience.

Thanks to those of you who kindly emailed asking about my whereabouts - you guys rock!

See you later. Hugs, Maria


stardustgemsandribbon said...

Hope to see you back in action soon Maria.
Carole ;-)

stardustgemsandribbon said...

Thanks for another sweet comment Maria,
Carole :-)