Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wishing You Wonderful Adventures

Hoping you are all doing well. I'm still trying to get over my cold before Christmas. It has really set me back on everything.

In the midst of it all my beautiful 8 year-old woke up Thursday morning to find one of her bottom teeth so loose it came out with just the littlest tug. She was so excited and woke up the Friday morning expecting to find something from the Tooth Fairy. Well...the Tooth Fairy is sick and obviously a day behind schedule - LOL. Try explaining to an 8 year-old and her younger 6 year-old sister that the Tooth Fairy comes only once for the 1st tooth - oh how come?! fair!.......etc.

I thought $5 under her pillow would cover it but my daughter informed me before bed last night that she doesn't need money - wow didn't want to correct her on that score - and that she hopes the Tooth Fairy will bring her something different this time. Well, I was saving these stamps for her Christmas Stocking as she loves everything nature plus dressing up as an explorer and of course stamping. So she's getting this tin with these gorgeous High Hopes stamps from the Tooth Fairy now instead of from Santa. Can't wait to see/hear her reaction when she wakes up and finds this under her pillow.

I'm exhausted but couldn't disappoint my Bella so I whipped this up late last night by dragging myself off the couch with my arsenal of kleenex. If I had more energy and time, I would have embellished a bit more but this is the best I could come up with on such short notice and in between coughing, blowing my nose and using sanitizing gel for my hands. Oooh the drama, right - LOL.

Have a great weekend,


Ila said...

This is just Fabulous and So Cute!! I love how you decorated this tin....and the stamps inside like this are such a great idea!!...I hope you are feeling better soon...Take Care..and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!..Hugs, Ila

craftyb said...

It looks fabulous Maria....I'm suffering a horrible old heavy cold myself and everything is an effort!!

Do tell us how Bella reacted to her thoughtful pressie from the tooth fairy! bx

Shirley said...

How perfectly wonderful and so cute too!

Janna said...

THis is just the coolest idea ever!!! How sweet is that, that your daughter wanted something else beside money!! That is terrific! i am so amazed you came up with this so quickly! This would have taken me forever!! I just love what you created! I hope she enjoyed it!