Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'll be taking a blogging break to spend time with family and friends for the holidays. I will be back in blogland in January 2010.

No card today but before I go I have a little story that'll have you chuckling. Santa has been coming to visit our girls and their cousins for about 4 years now. We usually host Christmas Eve lunch at my house and Santa makes an appearance after the kids have had lunch. Hubby has been doing the dressing up all these years but my oldest - age 9 - figured it out last year - gasp...I wasn't ready for that. She said, "I looked deeply into Santa's eyes and it looked like daddy. Tell me the truth mommy, was it daddy?" Dilemma here as I didn't want to lie to her but I also wasn't ready to let my little girl give up the Santa magic quite yet so I told her it was OK for her to believe whatever she wanted but if she really believed it was daddy, I asked she not share this belief with her little sister and cousins. I knew it would happen sometime but I still held onto the fact that my youngest still believed. Then about a month ago my youngest up and announced she believed "Santa is daddy cause daddy is never here when Santa comes and Santa wore daddy's boots last year." How can you argue with that kind of logic?! My youngest is 7 and this tore at my heartstrings so hubby and I came up with Plan B this year and I think it worked. A friend dressed up as Santa for us and with hubby being present taking pictures no one except my 10 year-old nephew and my 9 year-old daughter knew the truth. The look on my youngest's face was priceless when Santa arrived and she realized it couldn't be daddy cause daddy was taking pictures. It was a great day and more importantly a magical one for the kids.

Late this afternoon we watched my favourite old Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street. This is the first time my girls watched it too. Well I'm off to watch another movie with my family and this time it's Polar Express - perfect for Christmas Eve. So on that note, I wish you all a magical holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.



Phebe Meeder said...

This is a Great Story and wonderful fight for the MAGIC to stay on....this year my kiddies were old enough to know santa is mommy and daddy and they loved it .

craftyb said...

O that story is priceless Maria....glad it went well though! I hope you all had a fabulous day together yesterday! Thanks for all your fun and friendshp and heres to a happy healthy 2010! bx

Crissy Armstrong said...

Hi Maria! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I loved reading your story, it sure brought a smile to my face! I think you are creating such fun memories for your little ones. You are creative in so many ways. God bless you and I'm sending you big hugs!