Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sneaky Peeky and Upcoming Blog Hop

Happy Saturday and am I ever glad its the weekend.  Hope to find some time to unwind from a very busy week.  I had hoped to go to ScrapFest this weekend in Kitchener where The Townscrapper has a booth set-up but the dramatic rise and fall in climate temps (crazy snow and hail in SW Ontario this morning - ugh) has brought on coughs and colds so I'm on mommy alert and its gonna be a housebound weekend.

Here's a little sneak peek of what's coming on Monday for the Big Blog Hop over at The Townscrapper.  This is a little snippet of my upcoming card. 

Sneak Peek Snippet

Wishing a great weekend and hope to see you back on Monday.  The Scrapettes have some creative treats in store on Monday so be sure to checkout all their inspirational goodness.


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craftyb said...

Awww Maria...I'm sure you're disappointed you didn't get to the Scrapfest (EVEN more disappointed that your babies are sick I know!!) I went to a "craft show" here in belfast yesterday and it was AWFUL! Fantastic if you're into beads and any kind of tapestry or knitting...I vowed never to go again last year...THIS time I mean it!! lol

I'm just going to have to go further afield to get to a decent show!! bx

PS Hope everyone's back fitting fit again soon! bx