Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoe's Birthday Celebration!

Happy Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live! 

It's an exciting day today (now Thursday in Australia) because it's our Make it Crafty SUPER gal ZOE's birthday so let's celebrate!

Happy Birthday ZOE!!

Our crafty Barbara (Little Miss Muffet Stamps) has created the Zoe Hatter image below especially for Zoe so everyone in blogland can join in the fun to celebrate her big day.
This Zoe Hatter image will be available as a freebie for today only in celebration for Zoe's Birthday!  If you want to play along, just email Barbara at and as long as it's September 27th anywhere in the world then the offer is still open! Share your creations in the MiC FB Group and LMMS FB Group too - we'd love to see what you make!

Don't forget to drop by to wish Zoe a Happy Birthday and thanks so much for visiting today!


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